These videos are suitable for technical, as well as general public audiences.  The presentations explain why, after six years of independent, objective study, our TRCS research team has challenged the climate science consensus and recommended to the Trump Administration why climate science used at the EPA to justify CO2 and other Greenhouse Gas regulations, needs an in-depth scientific review by a broad panel of scientists, engineers and mathematicians, selected for their competence and lack of conflicts of interests.

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1. An Objective Look at the “Global Warming” Controversy
Derivation and Validation of TRCS Climate Model (rev 1)
Harold H. Doiron, PhD, Chairman, TRCS (65 minutes)

2. Is CO2 a Driver of Temperature, Weather or Sea Level ?
Thomas Wysmuller,  Meteorologist, TRCS Member, (40 minutes)

3.  ​CO2 Impact on Climate Change, and Earth’s Plants and Animals
Leighton StewardGeologist, Environmentalist, Author, and Retired Energy Industry Executive, TRCS Member (32 minutes)

4. Climate Change Claims meet the Scientific Method
Dr. John R. Christy, The University of Alabama in Huntsville (35 minutes)

5. Climate Models: Forecasts of the Future?
Dr. David R. Legates, University of Delaware, Newark (33 minutes)

6. Which will dominate future global temperature changes in the next 200 years: Solar irradiance or greenhouse gases?
Douglas Carlson, Louisiana Geological Survey (31 minutes)

7. CO2 – Greening Earth and Saving Lives
H. Leighton Steward, Geologist, Environmentalist, Author, Retired energy industry executive, TRCS Member (32 minutes)

8. What if Humans are Causing Climate Change: Rational verssu Irrational Responses
H. Sterling Burnett, Senior Fellow, The Heartland Institute (32 minutes)

9. An independent, objective assessment of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) issue
Dr. Harold H. Doiron, Chairman, TRCS (37 minutes)

Dr. John Dale Dunn, TRCS Member (19 minutes)

11. “Can the U.S. Dominate Energy?” (Answer: Yes)
Joe Leimkuhler, Vice President of Drilling at LLOG Exploration
B.S., Geology and Forestry, M.S., Petroleum Engineering
Keynote Speaker, America First Energy Conference in Houston, Texas on November 9, 2017. Courtesy of The Heartland Institute (48 minutes)

These videos are suitable for both technical and general public audiences.  They are collected from conferences attended by TRCS research team members to share with you critical information about subjects related to our studies of  the effect of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.